Official Mediumship Accreditation

Bringing Together Amazing Light Workers

Official Level 3 Mediumship Accredited Mediums

I offer mediumship accreditation and all of the wonderful lights below have completed their level three accreditation to a very high standard. Please feel free to contact them to see how they can help you with their heart centred spiritual services.



Lian Shoemake

Lian is a Spiritual Intuitive/Medium with over 25 years’ experience in education as a teacher/mentor/ coach/trainer/organizer.  Lian’s reading style is collaborative and supportive, with an emphasis on clarity and self-reflection. Click Here To Contact Lian 

 Sandra Farazin

Sandra is an experienced Psychic Medium, Vedic Astrologer, Tarot reader, Usui and Imara Reiki Master from Slovenia.

You can find me on Facebook and send me a private massage CLICK HERE


Larry Davids

Larry has been working as a Psychic/Medium for a number of  years using my Intuitive gifts to read auras, chakras and to pass on messages from the Spirit World, in addition using psychometry to conduct readings. I regularly give readings for clients from all over the UK, US, Canada, and Europe via Skype, Zoom, phone sessions, in person and I demonstrate in the Spiritual Churches across London. Click Here To Contact Larry


Ann Macoul

Ann is a psychic medium and trance artist who connects with angels, guides and loved ones in spirit in order to bring forth messages of hope and inspiration. Through her interactions with spirit she is able to provide clarity and guidance on some of life’s most challenging questions Click Here To Contact Ann


Katheleen Loso

I’m Psychic Medium Kathleen Loso. I’m just a regular girl from Long Island, New York who has the ability to speak to, see, and hear spirit. As my abilities began to heighten, I was able to channel this self-awareness to help others in search of guidance and healing.

Click Here To Contact Kathleen  



Bella Silva Cacilhas

Bella is a psychic medium, Bella’s gift allows her to be the middle-woman between you here in the physical world and your loved ones in spirit. Bella receives helpful information that inspires you to take back your power and gives you hope and courage to face your fears, so you can find your direction to living your best life. Click Here To Contact Bella

Lucia Lacovara
Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Past Life Practitioner, Tarot/Oracle Card Reader
My purpose is to help others feel better mentally and physically with yoga and to bring peace and healing with my spiritual work. Click here to contact Lucia