Guided Sleep Meditaiton


Guided Sleep Meditaiton


This 30 min sleep meditation has been channelled allowing me to send you into a restful healing sleep. Sleep is such an important healing tool for our bodies and this meditation will help you to slip into a deep slumber. The meditation and music last for around 30 minutes and will slowly fade allowing you to drift away into the wonderful healing state of sleep.


The mindfulness breathing exercise is fundamentally important and as Julian teaches us, helps us more than we might think. Many thanks again to Julian for a straight forward, honest and deeply inspiring course!

Daniela VonArx

Julian, your meditations with your amazing voice is the best. It's hard for me to do guided meditations but not when it's Julian speaking. My heart is dancing with happiness over this course. Julian you are amazing!

Jennifer Hodgson

He is AMAZING! HIS COURSES ARE AMAZING! I have contacted him thru email and he has gone above and beyond to assist and guide me in my healing and knowledge! Not just information, he is KNOWLEDGE!

Laura Save