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Official Mediumship Accreditation Program.

Julian Jenkins Mediumship Accreditation
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Over the past four years, I have seen the number of students go beyond the levels I could ever imagine, and this has been an incredible journey. Now with over 40,000 students worldwide, the need and desire to create a pathway for development and ultimately a heart centred spiritual-based career for those who want to walk this path.
I have been thinking long and hard about how I can put together a development pathway that suits the needs of the individuals as they walk their journey.
Sitting down with my guides and understanding what I would like to be a part of, I have concluded and decided to create an accredited development program that allows people to learn, develop and accredit the work they do.
There will, in essence, be four levels of accreditation from level one, two, three and finally a masters in mediumship.
Each level will walk people through the core principles of mediumship, create a consistent connection and deliver spiritual healing and guidance to those who cross our paths.
Levels one to three will cover all aspects of mediumship with a module on how to create a business in level three, and the Masters is a teacher training specific module to help you formulate your lessons, plans and curriculum.
This is a linear pathway, so you must have completed the one before moving to any other accredited levels. Meaning you need to do them in order one, two, three and then masters.
Once you have completed each level, you will appear on my personal www.julianjenkinsmedium.com website if you desire to highlight your accreditation level.
On completion of level three, you will not only be accredited but be able to post your link to your site with the services you provide on my official site.
Eventually, I want to create an eco-system where we can create a service module whereby we create a site/service for all accredited mediums to share their services as an approved medium that operates with integrity and love. A space where you can earn a living from the passion you love in an environment that rewards and protects you.
The pricing model for all of the modules is simple, and each module will be priced at £200, with the final masters being £300 due to the nature of the coursework.
We have already started the program and last night was a wonderful evening with 12 people working towards accreditation level one.
There is another level one accreditation session available at the end of March. Furthermore, the level two accreditation starts in April and level three in June, with the first masters in September.
I genuinely believe this is a beautiful way to structure a spiritual pathway that will work for everyone and create a pool of spiritual gifts and talents that can make a difference. A difference that can make a difference to the world that we live in as so many people need spiritual guidance at this time.
Once again, thank you for all your love and support. I’m sure this will be a resounding success, and together we can all make a difference and help create Heaven on Earth.


The mindfulness breathing exercise is fundamentally important and as Julian teaches us, helps us more than we might think. Many thanks again to Julian for a straight forward, honest and deeply inspiring course!

Daniela VonArx

Julian, your meditations with your amazing voice is the best. It's hard for me to do guided meditations but not when it's Julian speaking. My heart is dancing with happiness over this course. Julian you are amazing!

Jennifer Hodgson

He is AMAZING! HIS COURSES ARE AMAZING! I have contacted him thru email and he has gone above and beyond to assist and guide me in my healing and knowledge! Not just information, he is KNOWLEDGE!

Laura Save